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Valencia Travel Tips in Five Words

Along my travels, I have heard an expression likening Madrid to a long-term girlfriend and Barcelona to a fling. If this were true, Valencia would be the gorgeous, tanned, younger sister who is often overlooked. Less than two hours by train from Madrid and three from Barcelona, Valencia is a convenient city to reach. Sure… 

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Five travel tips to make the most of Norway

“I feel like we’re in a postcard” I exclaimed as I turned on my headset. Normally, we left the headset off to save battery but I couldn’t resist. My head swaying with the wind, swiveling gently to take it all in. It almost didn’t feel real. Around each bend was a sight more beautiful than… 

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Sydney, Ashley, me and Joel

First Afternoon Tea in London

After living in London for two months, it was about time to sample the infamous afternoon tea. Join me for my first peak into this British institution.

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What NOT to pack for an Extended Motorcycle Trip

Preparing for an extended motorcycle trip or camping adventure? Here is a list of what NOT to pack – because no one ever tells you this stuff.

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Dream Destinations 2014: Travelers’ Choice

Having both time and money is a luxury not many people have. While unlikely to have both, or a lot of both simultaneously, it still keeps many of us going.  This week, I have decided to toss aside all restrictions and go for it, as though I did have both.